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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I committing to a long-term contract?

No! You can cancel you monthly payments at any time.

I don't have any followers. Can I use your service?

We will tweet for you in a way that attracts followers, but it is recommended that you work to attract followers.

We can attract new followers for you if you subscribe to our Gold plan

For the Gold plan, what does, "Help grow your Twitter followers mean"?

With the Gold plan, we will be regularly finding relevant new followers. We don’t use fake accounts – real twitter users have to decide to follow you, so we can’t guarantee a precise number.

My business is directed towards my local area. Can your service help me?

Yes! We will tailor your tweets to make sure they are seen in your local area.

How many more customers can I expect?

Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how many customers will come from Twitter. It can be as hard to quantify as a newspaper ad. However, with Twitter your message will be seen several times a day, every day.

I don't have a Twitter account for my business

The Gold plan includes the option for us to setup a Twitter account for you. See our plans for more details

Who will create the Tweets sent out on my account?

You can create the Tweets yourself for us to schedule for you, or we can look at your digital assets (Your website, social media accounts etc). We will also send a short questionnaire to you to get some more information about your business to help us create Tweets for you.

When will you start tweeting for me?

We can usually start tweeting within 48 hour of receiving your order. This will depend on access to information about your business.

Can I discuss options with you?

Yes! Use our Contact form or email us.

Can I upgrade/downgrade plan

Yes. We can change your level on request.

Will you need access to my Twitter account?

Yes. As twitter does not offer the ability to grant third-party account access, we will need to be able to log in to the account. If at any time you decide to stop using the services, you will just be able to change your password and I will no longer have access.


When people come to Twitter and they want to express something in the world, the technology fades away. It’s them writing a simple message and them knowing that people are going to see it.

– Jack Dorsey – CEO, Twitter


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